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Perfect Binders PUR & EVA Hot Melt

Fastbind offers a full family of table top low cost perfect binders using both EVA and PUR (PUREVA XT only) hot melt glue to produce soft & hard cover books!


Hard Cover Case Makers

Using a Fastbind Case Maker, you can make custom printed hard covers for books, photo books & albums, ring binders, CDs/DVDs & more!


BooXter Photo Book Binders

Photo Book Binder for production environments with a 100% secure bind, foot pedal elctric staple/stitch for profesioanl photo books in a production environement.



Express Plus: 'All in One' Photo Book System

Make make custom printed hard covers for photo books, 180 degree panoramic layflat mounted albums, 3 ring binders, coil/wire-o hard covers, CD/DVD cases as well as bind all of those books on a single binding & case making system.


FotoMount Lay Flat Mounted Panoramic Binders

  Make professional high end lay flat mounted panoramic photo albums for weddings and other events, in-house . 


Creasing Machines

Fastbind’s C400 manual creaser is optimized for Fastbind Hot Melt Perfect Binders. The C400 makes the crease using a precision creasing bar.


Presso Casing-in & Gap pressing machine

The Fastbind Presso™ is a thermal press designed to make grooves quickly and easily & to aid inthe casing-in of hard cover books.


Hot Roll Laminators

 Hot roll laminators help you finish custom book covers and more!!!