Fastbind's New Casing-In Sheet
















Fastbind just introduced our revolutionary Casing-In Sheet™, transforming any soft cover into a valuable hard cover book. For the first time in our history, we invented a supply that can be used with any perfect binder on the market.


Today, about 10% of the demand in small & medium runs is for hard cover books. The Casing-In Sheet™ enables you to easily make profitable hard cover books. The New Casing- In Sheet™ supports various thicknesses and there is no change to your standard binding operation. You can make both types of books on the fly, without changing your standard process. The Fastbind Casing-In Sheet™ has been tested with all the major brands of perfect binding machines, from the most advanced machines with auto feeding and complete automation to the most manual ones, including our entry level Fastbind Secura. It works with both EVA and PUR binders, as any soft cover would.

Until now, casing-in required several pieces of expensive and large equipment and a significant investment. That is not the case anymore. With just this special patented sheet, you can bind a soft cover, which is now ready made to case-in into a hard cover!

Now, any print shop with a perfect binder can add value-added hard cover finishing and tap into the fastest growing trend in the short and medium run. The Casing-In Sheet™ produces a free-floating spine for a flatter opening of the pages and stronger durability of your finished book. You can use any cover on the market, either standard or custom printed hard covers. You can also make a hybrid semi hard soft cover, for a thicker feel, increased binding strength and a free-floating spine. The Fastbind Casing-In Sheet™ is very different from a standard endpaper: It is in between the end sheet and the cover, never to be seen.

The end paper of your book (front and back) can be colored, printed or even laminated. No special machines are required. However, we highly recommend the use of the compact Fastbind Presso (casing-in and groove press machine) for a perfect finished product. For a fully personalized hard cover, please see the information below to learn more about our Casematic line.

With the new Fastbind Casing-In Sheet™, you do not need any special tool or equipment and you can use whatever hard cover you prefer.

The Fastbind Casematic™ line is a complete solution for you to make fully printed personalized hard covers. The Casematic line includes a full range of machines, accessories and consumables allowing you to produce your own printed cover from start to finish. The consumables needed to produce a cover are printable tacking paper, in roll or sheets, for laser, offset or inkjet, as well as grey boards and spine boards.