FlexBind®ÂÂis a digital photo sheet or “page” product. It is not a binding system or print process. Available in different base stocks and sizes the sheets have an integrated, flexible hinge that allows even the heaviest weight sheets to lay completely flat when properly bound. The advantages include the ability to digitally image directly on the page and immediately bind the volume producing a very high quality “Lay Flat Panoramic" photobook.

FlexBind Hinged Lay Flat Paper 12.6 X 18 Portrait

 These sheets are perfect for all sizes from 11 x 17 Portrait, 11 x 8.5 landscape sheets, 10 x 8 or 8 x 8 or any size in between!

$84.00 - $189.00
FlexBind Hinged Lay Flat Paper 13 X 13

The 13 x 13  sheets are perfect for true full bleed 12 x 12 and smaller square books!

$64.00 - $92.00
FlexBind Hinged Lay Flat Paper 18 X 13 Landscape

The 13 x 18 sheets are hinged on the short side to make up to 17 wide  x 11 high Landscape panoramic lay flat books! These are only available with the black hinge.

$89.00 - $96.00


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