• Manual creasing machine
  • 1-4 creases with one setup
  • Precise creases

Fastbind’s C400 manual creaser is optimized for Fastbind Hot Melt Perfect Binders. The C400 makes the crease using a precision creasing bar.

Special step-shape guides enable you to make up to four creases without readjustment. The C400’s versatility and consistent pressure guarantee a sharp regular crease in card, paper, PVC coated cardboard, and numerous other material

Fastbind C500

 Fastbind C500™

The Fastbind C500™ is heavy-duty creaser with new innovations to make large format creasing easier than before. 

Fastbind Rollo

The Fastbind Rollo™ an innovative new creasing mechanism increases the creasing depth without damaging the printed surface of high quality photographic paper.