The Fastbind Presso™ is a thermal press designed to make grooves quickly and easily & to aid inthe casing-in of hard cover books.
After a brief warm up period, the press is ready to go. Simply put your hard cover book into the press and pull
the lever. Repeat for the other side, and you are done. Your hard cover books get symmetrical, deep, smooth grooves that
hold tight against the book block… and look more professional… every time. It is recommended to use the Presso
when casing in your books made with our new Casing-In Sheet™ for perfect center alignment and to get a perfect groove
every time. The Presso is compatible with Fastbind Casemakers™, FotoMount™, BooXTer™ and  all Hot Melt binders.

Fastbind Presso thermal press

. The Presso™ is a thermal press designed to make high quality grooves quickly and easily into your hard cover after binding, and to aid the operator in casing-in the book block to the cover. . The groove improves the appearance of all hard cover books. It makes symmetrical, deep, smooth grooves that hold tight against the book block…every time