Fastbind PressoMatic thermal press

Size: Semi-Automatic
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Fastbind PressoMatic™ Groove Press

The Fastbind Presso™ introduces a completely new product line for creating high-quality grooves in hard cover books & to aid the operator in placing the book block into the cover fast and perfectly every time. This is important when using the  NEW Fastbind Casing-In Sheet The Presso™ is a Semi-Automatic thermal press designed to make high quality grooves quickly and easily. The groove improves the appearance of all hard cover books. It makes symmetrical, deep, smooth grooves that hold tight against the book block…every time.

The Fastbind PressoMatic™ can be used with hard cover books up to 1.7" thick with a spine length up to 16.8" . It comes with an adjustable spacer  setting allowing quick set up for spine stick thickness and hinge area changes.

With its innovative small desktop design the Fastbind Presso™ fits neatly into any on-demand publishing operation. With its adjustable temperature, Fastbind Presso™ is suitable for a wide range of cover materials.


Pressomatic is Fastbind’s new electric hardcover groove pressing machine. It features temperature control, constant pressure and adjustable groove distance from the spine for books up to 40 mm thick. You get a premium groove in just a few seconds just by pressing a button. This dramatically improve the appearance of all your hard cover books. Pressomatic is quick, easy and safe to operate. The compact Pressomatic fits easily on a table top. It is noiseless, and it requires next to no maintenance or adjustments. Simply put your hard-back book into the slot and press the start button. The groove will be done automatically on both sides. Your hard cover books get symmetrical, deep, smooth grooves that hold tight against the book block every time.