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Flexibility and Quality 
Using photographic paper, card, laminated material or any print for your pictures, you can produce any book format from 2˝ x 2˝ up to 18˝ x 18˝ and you achieve an edge-to-edge panoramic view on each page. The book cover can be either a standard cover or a digitally printed custom made cover*. In a matter of minutes you can create a beautiful, professional photo album yourself, saving time and adding more profit to your bottom line.

For Photographic Professionals and Digital Printers
Fastbind FotoMount F46e™ is a superior solution, designed specifically with the photographic studio, photo lab and professional photographer in mind. It also perfectly meets the needs of digital printers, copy shops and on-demand publishers who can offer premium photo albums to their customers.

Easy to Use and Economical
The Fastbind FotoMount™ product line provides all the supplies needed to mount a photo album. With only two types of supplies you can manage all album sizes (up to 18˝ x 18˝ and 3-inch-thick): Fastbind FotoMount mounting sheets™ form the core of the book block and Fastbind FotoMount end sheets™ attach your book block to the cover.

The Revolutionary Mountinglift™ System

1. After printing, crease the pictures in the center.**

2. Bind the creased pictures into a block with Fastbind mounting supplies. Secure the block through the binding process with two magnet clamps, and use the Mountinglift for smooth and accurate positioning. Use a cutter / guillotine to trim the block. ***

3. Place the cover guide on FotoMount F46e and use the cover positioning holders to secure the cover on its place. Mount the trimmed block to the cover by removing the silicon papers from the end sheets. Your deluxe photo album is ready!



* For top quality personalized hard covers, we recommend Fastbind case makers (not included)

** For optimized creasing, we recommend Fastbind creasers (not included)

*** Guillotine not included

Product information as of February 2009 and is subject to change without notice.


Cover guide and cover positioning holders 
A cover guide and two cover positioning holders are included

The finished book opens 180 degrees 
The finished book opens astonishing 180 degrees

Fastbind Mountinglift system 
Fastbind Mountinglift™

This video is of the F32 Workstation and is for informational purposes only. The F46E is a larger version, up to 18" x 18" books can be made" and is electric (foot pedal) operated. The video is of the smaller manual F32, the C33 creaser, the 4305 guillotine and the F32 Workstation components. Non of these items are included in the price of the F46E.


  USA  Europe
Max print size (W x L) 36˝ x 18˝ 914 x 457 mm
Min album size (W x L) 2˝ x 2˝ 50 x 50 mm
Max album size (W x L) 18˝ x 18˝ 457 x 457 mm
Max binding thickness 3” 80 mm
Voltage  110-120 V 220-240 V
Frequency 50-60 Hz 50-60 Hz
Max current 1 A 1.5 A
Machine dimensions with shelf (W x L x H) 37.8˝ x 22.4˝ x 24.8˝ 960 x 570 x 630 mm
Package 1 dimensions (W x L x H) 30.5˝ x 18.9˝ x 20.7˝ 775 x 480 x 525 mm
Package 2 dimensions (W x L x H) 24˝ x 21.5˝ x 26˝ 610 x 545 x 660 mm
Package 3 dimensions (W x L x H) 22.8˝ x 39.8˝ x 4.7˝ 578 x 1010 x 120 mm
Net/gross weight 99.2/170 lbs 45/77 kg

Cover guide with two cover positioning holders and Supply Shelf are included.
Fastbind Mountinglift system: patents pending.

Product information as of February 2009 and is subject to change without notice.