FotoMount Mounting Sheet

$79.00 - $399.00
SKU: FotoMount Mounting Sheet

Fastbind's FotoMount mounting sheets are used to make lay flat panoramic mounted photo albums. The double sided end strong cold glue/liner sheet is used in between you folded/creased full spread prints, and when combned with the Fotomount end sheets, make the core of the album block.


  • Designed for ease of use
  • Controlled constant high quality
  • Safe to use with Silver Halide, InkJet and Laser prints
  • Does not affect the colors

Highest quality non-toxic material ensures exclusive quality for each book made to last for decades. The supply material has guaranteed shelf-life of up to three years.

Fastbind FotoMount Mounting Sheets™ bind the photo book (content) and they are compatible with any printing method. The unique design enables exceptional openability without straining the prints. The product has been developed with world-leading printer manufacturers and paper mills.