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SKU: SET-Blank cover, ring, screws & posts 10 PACK
Blank Ring Binder Kts:
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  • how to make a custom printed 3 ring binder video
Case Express 3 ring binder blank cases come in sets of 10 per box. Each set contains:
  • 10- 3 ring mechanisms
  • 10- matching blank case w/pre-drilled ring mounting holes
  • 10- sets of nickel plated screws & posts.


You simply print the graphics onto a Fastbind tacking sheet for the outside and inside, and wrap the graphics onto the blank case using the Fastbind H series (H32LPRO or H46PRO) or the Express Plus case maker. Position the 3 ring mechanism and attach with the provided screws/posts for a beautiful custom made 3 ring binder!

Loose Leaf Ring Binders
Fastbind Ring Binder

Can all be made using:

  • Fastbind Casematic case makers
  • Fastbind Case Express case makers

The applications are limitless:

  • Pharmaceutical documents
  • Engineering Bids
  • Architectural Documentation & Proposals
  • Proposals
  • Manuals
  • Training materials
  • Scrap books

Personalized ring binders are now easy to make!

Fastbind Casemaker and Case Express series enable you to make custom printed ring binders popular in many fields – pharmaceutical, educational, business, engineering, and government!