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Memento Yearbooks

Lumpix Memento Yearbooks, all new for 2022!

Please note that Memento has replaced tradational yearbooks desktop and On-Line software 

Memento Yearbook provides a complete turnkey solution for elementary, middle and high school yearbook publishing.


Using the latest HTML5 technology, access your yearbook on any internet-connected computer (Windows, Mac, Linux or Chromebook). Work flexibly from home, school, office or even on the road.


Students, teachers, parents, and yearbook company staff collaborate safely to collect photos, build pages, then proof & review the results.


An intuitive interface lets you build your book while exploring the app. Tutorial videos and articles are readily available when you need an extra hand.

Check out Memento Yearbook in action!



Build books smart

Make the most of your design time using Memento Yearbook’s powerful, easy-to-use features:

Collaborative tools

Team-built yearbooks are a breeze. Assign pages to individuals, manage team member permissions, then track and review pages with comments. All team members can work at the same time on their own page.

Review and proofing

Catch all the problems before the book is printed. Your yearbook manager, book publisher, and others can review pages and provide feedback. Faster, safer, and no more delays or mistakes!

Photo collection tools

Invite members of your school community to safely submit photos for your yearbook. Community albums let you sort and transfer approved photos to your yearbook design team, reducing clutter and improving design times.

Design Tools Galore

Enjoy many image, text, shape, border and shadow effects while designing your pages. Easily guide elements onto your page using handy snap-guidelines.

Quick-Page Layouts

Add a preformatted layout to your page. Change your mind about the design? Just drop another layout onto the page – your photos will reapply themselves in the new arrangement.

Creative portrait pages

Import your portraits and info, then quickly build portrait grids. Your portrait pages are customizable – create spaces for photos and clipart, add decorative formatting, and make creative choices for labels and page titles.

Sell Online with Ease

Publishers can make custom online yearbook stores available to their schools in a few quick clicks. Sell printed yearbooks with no e-commerce hassles – even include school fundraising as an option. Coming soon: sell digital yearbooks, ad sales, and other fundraising items.

Layouts & Clipart

Enjoy hundreds of pro-quality layouts and customizable templates. A vast collection of thematic coordinating backgrounds and decorations give you thousands of options to complete your page.





Frequently Asked Questions


My school only wants a digital yearbook – can I use Memento Yearbook to make it?

Yes, Memento Yearbook can be used to produce a digital file that can be viewed security via an online app.

Who can print my yearbook?

Memento Yearbook is distributed to full-service school photography and yearbook companies providing printing services to their clients. If your school or photo studio is not affiliated to a yearbook printing company, we can sell you an indiuvidual licese and you can print the book or have it printed for you. 

Can I make more than one book or other types of projects using the app?

Memento Yearbook is licensed as one book per license. Each book requires its own license, though you can have more than one project/book available under your account (eg. a school yearbook, a supplement, and a sports book can all be made under one account using three licenses).


How long does a license last for?

Memento Yearbook is licensed as one book per license. Your license does not have a fixed expiration date (though your yearbook printing company may have a submission deadline). Once your book is submitted, your license duration is complete. Note project files will be retained for a year then permanently deleted to ensure online privacy is maintained. Content left on incomplete books abandoned for 1 year will also be deleted after reminder notifications have been sent.

How are my yearbook pages and photos stored safely?

Images and projects are safely stored and backed up on an array of Amazon AWS servers to ensure that your work is protected.

What fundraising options are available to add to the yearbook?

Currently, a storefront to sell yearbooks, ad space, and digital yearbooks may be added to your account.



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