Binder Board/Chip Boards

$69.00 - $149.00
SKU: CHIP 50 PAIRS (custom size available)
Size: Information


Binder or Chip board is the foundation for all hard cover making. Please note that binder board is sized for paper inside the book, and the size listed is not the actual size of the boards. For example, a 12 x 12 book uses printed paper that is exactly 12x 12, however the boards needed to make a 12 x 12 hard cover are not 12 x 12, as they must accommodate the spacing and overlap when making a custom hard cover. The actual size of the 12 x 12 example is 12.25 high x 11.80 wide. This is true for all boards listed on this page. If you need a custom size,  we can easily cut it for you, please call for a quote. 954-357-1180