Fastbind BooXTer Trio

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Compact and quiet

The BooXter Trio™ is ready to work at the flip of a switch. Built-in shelves at the back of the unit can be used to keep your supplies ready at hand. The result is always a strong, square and clean bind.



The semi-automatic operation of BooXter Trio™ simplifies your finishing process, making it ideal for continuous production. Just place the paper block in the machine and press the start button. BooXter Trio™ recognizes the sheet format automatically and accurately places staples based on the selected program (manual, single-sided, double side).


booxter_trio_detail_1Recognizes the sheet format automatically and places staples based on the selected program



Europe /                                                                                    U.S.A
Binding method Precision side stapling
Staple type 1) Flat clinch; 5000 staples per cassette
Staple No. 10 for normal stock
Staple No. 8 for coated stock
Standard cover options Stripe backs, printed soft covers and binding without cover
Extended cover options Standard and printed hard covers (cover setter sold separately)
Binding length max 320 mm / 12.6 inches / no constraint with manual use
Binding thickness 3) Normal stock up to 8 mm / 0,3"; coated stock up to 5 mm / 0,2"
Electrical specifications 00-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1.3 A
Machine dimensions 
(W x D x H)
976 x 465 x 496 mm / 38.4 x 18.3 x 19.5 inches
Package dimensions 
(W x D x H)
1077 x 482 x 604 mm / 42.4 x 19 x 23.8 inches
Weight Gross 24 kg / 52.8 pounds
Approvals CE

1) One No. 10 cassette included
2) Time includes binding and cover mounting; actual capacity depends on operator
3) Maximum thickness depends on paper material properties
Patents and design patents are pending for the BooXTer Uno™, end sheets and stripes.
Product information as of June 2010 and is subject to change without notice.



The BooXter Trio video will be added soon. The Trio is semi-automatic and is hands free during the binding operation.